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CHEVAL will open at 22:00

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Special LINE Campaign



Women Weekday Men
Admission free入場無料 22:00 - 23:00 Admission free(1 drink to be paid in advance)入場無料(別途1ドリンク代)
1,000 yen (includes 1 drink)1,000円(1ドリンク代込み) 23:00 - LAST 2,000 yen (includes 1 drink)2,000円(1ドリンク代込み)
Women Weekend Men
1,000 yen (includes 1 drink)1,000円(1ドリンク代込み) 22:00 - 23:00 1,500 yen (includes 1 drink)1,500円(1ドリンク代込み)
2,000 yen (includes 1 drink)2,000円(1ドリンク代込み) 23:00 - LAST 3,500 yen (includes 1 drink)3,500円(1ドリンク代込み)
  • We ask all guests to present ID when visiting. ID is required without exception.
  • Please visit our store or check our website for important points concerning the dress code and more.
  • ご入場の際に全ての方にIDチェックを行わせて頂きます。ご入場時に身分証明証の提示が必要です。
  • ドレスコード等の注意事項等、詳しくは店頭・WEBサイトでご確認下さい。



The cover charge
Weekday ¥20,000 / ¥30,000(without tax and service)
Weekend ¥30,000 / ¥40,000(without tax and service)

Set is included in the charge fee. Can choose these sets. Show below.

テーブルチャージ料金: 平日 ¥20,000 / ¥30,000(税・サ20%別)
テーブルチャージ料金: 週末 ¥30,000 / ¥40,000(税・サ20%別)
チャージ料金にはセットが含まれます。 下記の4種のセットからお好きなセットをお選び下さい。

A set

  • MummCordon Rouge x 1
  • The dish full of fruit

(If you add 2,000yen ,
can be changed to Moët & Chandon.)

B set

  • Red wine or White wine x 1
  • The dish full of cheese

(Can be changed to
the Red wine or the White wine.)
(赤ワイン or 白ワインに変更可能)

C set

  • Henessy i Tower
  • The dish full of fruit

D set

  • CIROC Vodka
  • Redbull

(+2,000円でBelvedere Vodkaに変更可能)

Vip Bottle Menu

Vip Bottle
< Champagne >
◆ ドン ペリニョン ゴールド
Don Perignon Gold
300,000 yen
◆ ドン ペリニョン ロゼ
Don Perignon Rose
100,000 yen
◆ ドン ペリニョン
Don Perignon
35,000 yen
◆ ペリエ ジュエ ベルエポック ロゼ
Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose
110,000 yen
◆ ペリエ ジュエ ベルエポック
Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque
40,000 yen
◆ ルイ・ロデレール・クリスタル
Cristal Louis Roederer
80,000 yen
◆ ローラン・ペリエ グラン・シエクル
Laurant Perrier Grand Siecle
80,000 yen
◆ クリュッグ グラン キュベブリュット
KRUG Grand Cuvee Brut
45,000 yen
◆ ヴーヴ クリコ ホワイト
Veuve Clicquot White
22,000 yen
◆ ヴーヴ クリコ ブリュット
Veuve Clicquot Brut
17,000 yen
◆ モエ・エ・シャンドン・ネクター・アンペリアル・ロゼ
Moet et Chandon N.I.R Necter Imperial
25,000 yen
◆ モエ・エ・シャンドン ロゼ アンペリアル
Moet et Chandon Rose Imperial
22,000 yen
◆ モエ・エ・シャンドン・アイス・アンペリアル
Moet et Chandon Ice Imperial
22,000 yen
◆ モエ・エ・シャンドン ブリュット アンペリアル
Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial
17,000 yen
◆ G.H.マム ロゼ
G.H. MUMM Rose
20,000 yen
◆ G.H.マム コルドン ルージュ
G.H. MUMM Cordon Rouge
15,000 yen
◆ プレミアムV.I.Pスパークリング
Premium V.I.P Sparkling
7,000 yen
< Red Wine >
◆ シャトー・マルゴー
Chateau Margaux
250,000 yen
◆ シャトー・ムートン・ロートシルト
Chateau mouton rothschild
250,000 yen
◆ オーパスワン
Opus One
85,000 yen
◆ シャトー・カロン・セギュール
Chateau Calon Segur
50,000 yen
◆ バローロ・ソリ・ジネストラ
Barolo Sori Ginestra
30,000 yen
◆ ジュブレ・シャンベルタン
20,000 yen
◆ シャトー・ヴィラ・ベレール・ルージュ
Chateau Villa Bel Air Rouge
7,000 yen
< White Wine >
◆ シャサーニュ・モンラッシュ・モルジョ
Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot
30,000 yen
◆ シモネ・フェブル・シャブリ・グラン・クリュ・レ・クロ
Cimonnet-Febvre Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos
20,000 yen
◆ シャトー・ヴィラ・ベレール・ブラン
Chateau Villa Bel Air Blanc
7,000 yen
< 焼酎 >
◆ 百年の孤独(麦) 30,000 yen
< 日本酒 >
◆ 獺祭(純米大吟醸) 25,000 yen

The Reservation : Please call to 06-6243-6288 or tell directly to the cheval staff.

  • About VIP seat : Admission is not included in the The cover charge. The entrance fee is separately.
  • Please show us your ID at the entrance.
  • First time guests are pay cash on.
  • We will refuse admission The gangsters, the gangsters relationships and The gang-style fashion.

  • VIP席ご利用について/テーブルチャージに入場料金は含まれておりません。別途エントランス料金も頂いております。
  • IDチェックもさせていただきますので、必ずご本人様名義のID(ご本人様確認書類)をご用意下さい。
  • また、初回ご利用のお客様につきましては、キャッシュオンでのお支払いとさせていただきます。
  • 暴力団、暴力団関係者、および暴力団員風のお客様はご入場をお断りしておりますのでご了承下さい。


Our club offers admission only to men at least 22 years or older, and women 20 years or older.We ask you to present proof of identification to everyone at the entrance. In addition, you may not enter it by a judgment of the entrance our club when you do not get confirmation of the ID.Moreover, of the ID when borrow and loan it, and the ID use except the person is found out, you get prohibited to enter the club.

当店は男性は22歳以上、女性は20歳以上の方のみご入場頂けます。ご入場の際に全ての方にIDチェック(身分証明書の提示)をお願いしております。ご本人名義のID (身分証明書)のみ有効です。

A gang and gang style, the person of the antisocial power, group cannot enter the club.


There is a dress code in our club. Please come in "adult" attire.
We may refuse admission for men dressed too casually.
We also refuse an entrance of the visitor who has a tattoo exposed.


Please don't carry in food and drink, such as a PET bottle. In addition, We refuse use of and carrying in drugs (either illegal or legal).
We report it to the police station of the jurisdiction immediately by any chance when the carry-on of the drug becomes clear.
We do not take the responsibility about an accident, the troubles such as an injury, the quarrel.


The person who troubled other visitors, caused a problem (quarrel, pervert, theft,illegal act) in our club has to leave immediately for any reason and get prohibited to enter the club.


Please stop taking a nap and sitting down on the floor in the club.


The person who performed the act that forcible pickup, a pervert and a woman hate has to leave. It is made off limits when vicious. I do not do the repayment at that time at all. When you receive the above acts, or when you see, please report it to the staff. It is considered as judgment of the person who received the act. Please tell the staff immediately when involved in a problem inside of the club.


Please put valuables into a locker or manage them by yourself.I do not take all responibility in our club by any chance even if it is encountered loss or theft. Moreover, inquiries of a thing left behind, a lost property, etc. are only business hours. Thank you for your understanding.


Photography and the recording with the camera and videos in the club of the person without the permission are not accepted for the right of likeness of the artist and privacy policy protection.


We decline sale of the alcohol to the customer of a driver coming by car. The drink to a driver coming by car should be only non-alcohol drinks.


We decline the entrance of the person who is judged by us is inappropriate.


When you enter the club, We consider that you approved it for the item mentioned above.


In order to get a visitor to enjoy oneself, we continue to strive every day. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.